Thursday, October 31, 2013

sooo vampy / bloody lip

In case you didn't get the memo, it's Halloween. This means you either, A. have the perfect costume that is equal parts witty/sexy/funny, OR B. consider animal ears "dressing up." Since category A is about as realistic as men in romance novels, here is an alternative option for all you plan B-er's. Last minute costume sans-cat ears? One word, vamp. Yeah, I know it's not exactly original but I promise it's a million times better than being yet another "sexy" kitten/bear/koala/any other animal. Oh and guess what? You already have the costume. High waisted black skinnies, a black tank top, your favorite leather jacket and the most painful black stilettos you own. The key to this costume? A dark blood-stained lip. Pair the serious lip with mega contour and viola! Back from the dead with a vengeance and a thirst for man-candy blood. Bonus points for grabbing a pair of those legit-looking attachable fangs en route. Who knows, with all the double takes you just might start rocking this look in the daylight. Happy Halloween!

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