Saturday, April 13, 2013

gallery muggin

For those of you staying in LA this weekend instead of heading out to the desert...New Image Art Gallery is running a pretty sweet show. "Black & White" showcases three artists that "embrace the absence of color to celebrate shapes, forms and the repetition of geometric patterns in order to reinvent abstraction." (New Image Art website.) Attended the opening last weekend and in keeping with the theme wore my favorite ASOS sleevless smock dress in black (which I juuuust wrote about here) and a pair of black ankle booties. I thought I was as kinds of "Babes at the Museum" with my super high top knot and apparently I was right, as they called me out on instagram (#winning!) 

Go check it out and take some cool instagram-worthy pictures. In black and white of course.

Rima Vaidila in Asos 


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