Tuesday, April 23, 2013

canadian tux all summer'd up

Is it really almost summer? Wasn't Christmas just a couple weeks ago? Crazy how time flies when you're busy busy busy (and my birthday's already tomorrow, what?!) In case you aren't a regular reader, (come on...I mean really) I'm completely denim obsessed. I wear a Canadian tuxedo like it's my job. Well...you know what I mean. The best denim for hot weather is worn thin and light washed. I found this perfect vintage denim shirt at Wasteland in Santa Monica (15 bucks!) and these amazeballs cut offs at the Fairfax Sunday flea market, which I proudly haggled my butt off for. I mean 55 for a pair of cutoffs? I don't think so. The bandeau bikini top I'm wearing under the shirt (not pictured) makes this outfit perfect for a summer day spent bike riding, lunching and squeezing in a few rays on the way...and also lets me get away with minimal button usage, hehe.

Rima Vaidila waering
Vintage "True Grit" Denim Shirt
Custom Levis cutoffs


  1. Found your post via the IFB link up. What cute shorts to find at a flea market!

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