Monday, February 23, 2015


Oh hey guys. Sorry for the total lack of posts over the past few weeks. I promise I'm alive, I just haven't had the time to shoot anything new. Ugh. So here's an outfit I've been saving from last month in a few of my spring go-to's! Paired this amazingly simple, zip back leather mini with an light, grey sweater and denim jacket. Although the leather skirt is high waisted, I played down the sexiness by leaving the sweater untucked. I feel like this makes wearing a tight, leather miniskirt during the day less "are you wearing last nights outfit?" and way more cool-girl. But to be completely honest, I probably wore this skirt the night before.

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Brandy Melville Sweater (shop similar here)
Sixty Seven Boots (previously here & here)
Photos by Nicholas Maggio


  1. The colour of that jacket with the denim looks so casual and wearable!

  2. Love the pictures and love the outfit! Simple but so pretty!

    Best wishes, Hanna from

  3. Beautiful Rima!! Love the extensive images showing how to casually perfect this outfit & your write-up! FAB x

  4. I love denim and anyone that can pair it with leather! Your blog is fantastic! ! I recently launched my own blog at, where we empower women to achieve financial independence while maintaining a fashionable lifestyle. We are already up and running and would love it if you checked us out sometime!
    XO, CGS Team

  5. Amazing post! You look gorgeous, the shading of that coat with the denim looks so easygoing and wearable!

  6. I love your blog. Your natural look and your fashion are perfect combination.

  7. Love how this is edgy, chic, and feminine all at once! Fantastic combination of the jean jacket and black leather skirt.

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