Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The perfect lazy sunday outfit? Denim overalls. Yeah I know they're a little over done by now but I understand why now. THEY'RE COMFY AF. Seriously. I could probably sleep in this outfit. Paired the overalls with one of my favorite button ups from Reformation and ankle boots by sixty-seven shoes. Do I look super basic b*tch in overalls about a year late on the trend? Probs. But IDGAF. 

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Reformation Buttonup (similar here)
Sixtyseven Brand Ankle Boots 
Photos by Nicholas Maggio 


  1. I love everything in this look and stunning photos!
    xx Magna

  2. Love these overalls! Great look xx

  3. Love the overalls girl!


  4. Perfect overalls! She look amazing in this and great photos.!!

  5. Still looking chic even in overalls!! x

    Running White Horses

  6. Love this outfit, the overalls and boots are fab!

    / O.R.R.

  7. Having happened onto your blog I have to say I AM IN LOVE. Seriously amazing taste, simple but also chic I love it. I love this outfit in particular! (I also really like how you put where you got your clothes from underneath - makes it incredibly easy to steal your style haha!)
    Loving the blog already!

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