Friday, January 9, 2015


Annnnd just like that we're well into 2015. Have you been sticking to your health resolutions? I joined Equinox and have been going almost everyday. I'm also proud to say I've been holding up on "drink more water" by always carrying a full water bottle with me. Yeah, I totally have to pee like 12 times a day now but I actually feel better. Plus clear pee is a weirdly awesome feeling, am I right???I've also added this detox tea to my daily routine. I've tried my fair share of detox teas and actually back this one. It doesn't taste like dirt (like others I've tasted) and does the job. Cheers to a productive, fun & healthy 2015! 

Get the 14 Day Teatox here & cheeky little teacup here


  1. Hahaha... Clear pee is definitely awesome! I'm a bit behind but I just found your blog and you are pretty damn cool!!