Saturday, April 9, 2016

silverlake hangs with AG

In December I moved to Silverlake after being a westside chick for the past four years. Moving to a new neighborhood means finding all new go-to spots. Lucking due to having friends on the Eastside to show me around  (and an extremely walkable new hood) I've been able to find amazing spots for coffee, food, desserts, flowers and shopping. AG asked me to show how I'd style two different looks in two of my favorite go-to spots in my neighborhood. I live in denim so this was a no brainer. Click through to see my favorite spots and the looks I came up with. 

Alcove Cafe has been a long time favorite of mine (I’d often drive across town 45 minutes for their brunch) and now that it’s literally a four minute drive from my house - I’m there multiple times a week. I was already a fan of their regular menu but let me just tell you...the dessert case?!?! Out of this world. I have a massive sweet tooth and am also a major homebody, so my boyfriend and I often swing by to pick up a few slices of cake for takeout and eat at home. I kid you not, every single cake we’ve tried has been amazing and well worth the price. I paired the vintage inspired “Phoebe” jeans with the “Blair” blouse for a look that’s put together enough to run in and grab to-go cakes and coffee and is comfy enough to lounge on the sofa eating said cakes.

Another of my go-to Silverlake spots is an amazing flower shop called Spruce. I love having flowers around my house and recently found this place when hunting for local shops with a large variety. The store is super beautiful inside and very “instagram-y” but my favorite thing is the large walk in fridge where you can select stems from a huge variety and put together your own bouquet. Everyone that works there is also extremely friendly and helpful. Since flower shopping is usually a weekend errand, I rocked denim on denim per my usual Saturday dress. I also loved the little peek of lace up detail on top which adds a dash of chic-ness to a farmers market approved ootd.


  1. Absolutely love these outfits, especially the first one! The striped shirt looks so good with the jeans! It must be so exciting moving somewhere new and discovering new places. Beautiful pictures too :)

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  2. All these pictures are beautiful- love the outfits and the locations! xx
    Holly - The Twins' Wardrobe

  3. I love how effortless both these looks are!


  4. Love your style!

    xo, Cam

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  6. Beautiful!


  7. The Phoebe looks awesome!!! So want them

    xx freshfizzle

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  14. I love both outfits! You looks so gorgeous in these photos.
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