Saturday, October 31, 2015

sporty af

Sometimes I just want to wear gym clothes. Not because I'm going to workout (lol) but because I'm lazy and don't want to bother doing my hair or putting on jeans. I mean...spandex shorts, a comfy sweatshirt and sneakers are pretty much the comfiest combo, ever. Am I right??? Also, this look works best on the dirtiest hair days because you can throw it up in a messy top knot and it just looks like you're very serious about your gym routine. Little does anyone've haven't washed your hair in a week and have zero plans of getting sweaty today. Shhhhh

Rima Vaidila wearing


  1. I adore that sweatshirt! I saw it when I was in Milan modeling this summer but I didn't have the time to try it on since I was running castings. Then I forgot about it and went back to Austria without buying it. Ahhhh, big regret! Looks great on you tho :)