Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Sometimes...a body con dress happens. Although I'm pretty sure this is a Fire on the Head first, my love for pairing oversized tops with a skinny bottom is nothing new. I've never been into body con dresses (surprise, surprise) but this simple ribbed tank one is kinda perfect. Not too short and not too tight. Although I don't normally wear a bra anyway, this dress keeps everything supported. Including the booty. Threw this super cool (and cozy as f*ck) knit on top to ease into the idea of wearing something tight. Who would've thought...body con on this blog?!? I'm ok with it.

Rima Vaidila wearing
Minkpink Tank Dress
Photos by Nicholas Maggio


  1. The bodycon suits you so well! Especially the way you styled it!

  2. God that jumper! makes me feel all kinds of ways. Love that brand too, can never go wrong.