Wednesday, April 1, 2015

volcom coachella: take two

With coachella just around the corner and the summery weather setting in, it's time for another  (and my final) festival-style look from my Volcom collaboration. Although this look is a little "every-female-at-coachella," it's perfect for the hot, desert heat. The last time I was at coachella, I'm pretty sure I ended up walking around in a bikini and trying to hit the indoor, air conditioned parties because it was that hot. I started with this pretty crochet one piece and threw on black, distressed short-shorts. Finished off with this open knit, fringy sweater and rad hat. Warning: side boob and major skin below (sorry)

Rima Vaidila wearing Volcom Womens (all pieces)
Photos by Nicholas Maggio