Tuesday, December 10, 2013

sunglasses & advil, finals week is mad real / american eagle

Yesterday kicked off finals week (hashtag dead) soooooo I'm basically a sleep-deprived zombie. I've had my hair in a top knot for the past four days and in all honesty, it will probably stay up until my last exam on Friday. Although I'm putting zero effort into my hair this week, I refuse to succumb to the nationwide phenomenon that is the finals week uniform of sweats and a book store graphic. Instead, today I'm wearing a comfy baseball tee from American Eagle with my favorite suede leather skirt. Threw my Levis jacket on with a pair of gold accented sunnies for a look that's just as cool in the library as it is on the street. 

Rima Vaidila wearing 
American Eagle Baseball tee (get it here)
LF Suede Leather Skirt (previously worn here)
Levis Denim Jacket (as worn here)
Nasty Gal Westsider Sunnies (buy them here)


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